We recently completed the installation of the thrusters, allowing Prelude to weathervane around its turret. This is a key feature in Prelude’s design, to ensure she can withstand wind and sea conditions, including a one in 10,000-year storm.

Reaching this milestone marks the completion of work for the five POSH tugs, which have been critical in keeping Prelude on station since safely towing Prelude from Geoje to Australia in July.

Under the sea, the installation of Prelude’s subsea infrastructure was completed in early November with all 16 FLNG mooring lines, two umbilicals and four flexible risers installed safely. This was completed by the Deep Orient vessel, which has now also departed the field.

The water intake risers, which provide cooling water that is crucial to FLNG production, were constructed offshore in September. They will displace up to 56,000m3 of water per hour from a depth of 150m, which is enough to fill more than 22 Olympic swimming pools in an hour. This was followed by the completion of the water intake riser hypochlorite distribution system. The distribution system protects the water intake risers from bio-fouling and ensures the seawater pumps provide the flow necessary to cool LNG production.

Quality of life onboard Prelude is a key priority for Shell, and the VOCUS fibre optic cable, connected in late September, plays a key role. The cable provides reliable and high-speed internet services to both Prelude and the INPEX led Ichthys LNG project, so our people can keep in touch with their families in a way that has not been possible offshore before.

Project Director, Didrik Reymert, is pleased with how far we have come. “The hook-up and commissioning phase of the project is progressing well and I am pleased we have completed the major marine operations. It is now about focussing on commissioning” he said. “As always, safety and quality are paramount throughout this complex stage of the project”.

VP Prelude David Bird said seeing Prelude in the field is an exciting sight to behold. “It has been a real highlight to welcome home more than 150 Australians who have been working in Geoje up until now,” said David.

“It is critical we do not lose focus. There is still a significant amount of work ahead of us, and the priority is to complete this work safely and bring a reliable asset online.”

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The Prelude FLNG project has reached a major milestone, leaving the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje, South Korea and starting its journey to North West Australia where the next phase of the project, hook up and commissioning, will commence.

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