The Prelude FLNG Environment Plan was accepted on the 9th December and covers:

  • the arrival of the FLNG facility to the Browse Basin; 
  • installation of the FLNG facility and commissioning and;
  • start-up, operations and maintenance of the FLNG facility and the subsea structure for the operations phase (with reviews every five years).

Activities also covered are the operation of support vessels and helicopters within the safety zone around Prelude FLNG facility, well intervention activities using a light well intervention vessel and product transfer from FLNG to carriers and associated berthing activities.

The Environment Plan summary can be viewed on the NOPSEMA website:

An Environment Plan is accepted once the regulator NOPSEMA has determined that it meets all the requirements of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009.

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Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) is a revolutionary technology that will allow Shell to access offshore gas fields that would otherwise be too costly or difficult to develop.