CHC’s Broome Base.
CHC’s Broome Base.

At Shell Australia, we are committed to increasing local and Indigenous employment and procurement opportunities. Many of the benefits delivered are through Prelude’s contractors.

CHC Australia has recently announced it is recommencing its apprenticeship program with the appointment of two engineering apprentices. Stuart Mackenzie and James Brown, both from Broome, successfully applied for the Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) apprenticeships at the Broome base, which is a four-year program. Read more here: CHC Australia Announces Australian Apprentices

This regular update aims to make opportunities like these more visible to our local communities.

To find out more, please contact our contractors directly using the details below. These roles may also be advertised elsewhere.

For direct roles with Shell Australia, please visit our careers page.

Please note, businesses in our supply chain have their own recruitment and procurement processes and we do not have any influence on the final decision.

Employment Opportunities
Location Contractor Job Title Contact details
Darwin Asco

1 Yard Operator

1 HSSE Advisor
Broome / Prelude Monadelphous

18 scaffolders

1 Mechanical Technician

1 Services Work Pack Preparer

Various locations



3 Apprentice Mechanical Fitters

2 Apprentice Instrument Electricians

Various locations



2 Services Work Pack Preparer

2 E&I Work Pack Preparer

Procurement Opportunities
Contractor Work Package Contact Details
  • Welding and fabrication services
  • Procuring storage solutions (heavy duty cabinets etc.)
  • Preservation activity
  • Landscaping and irrigation upgrade
  • Facility upgrade activity (entry gate motors)
  • Sand Sparging Execution
  • Elevator Campaigns
  • Heat Treatment
  • Life Boat Campaign
  • Temporary Repairs - Engineered Clamp Leak Sealing
  • Small Bore Connection Vibration



  • Indigenous recruitment services
  • Fender works
  • Craneage, Fork lifts, Riggging personnel
  • Fabrication
  • Hotels/transport

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