Shell has identified there is a risk of unplanned loss of containment events which may have environmental impacts. For the purpose of the EP Shell has used industry standard modelling to assess areas of risk and the potential impacts.

For more information on modelling emergency events view a video or factsheet, created by NOPSEMA.


The risk of an emergency event as a result of unplanned loss of containment is very remote.

The chances of a worst-case scenario event, such as those modelled by Shell, is even more unlikely.

Shell is confident that sufficient management, technical and design systems have been put in place to protect the environment from any unplanned release of harmful material.

What is loss of containment?

There are different kinds of petroleum products stored on Prelude which could have environmental impacts if they were accidentally released into the environment.

There are different types of loss of containment scenarios which have a range of potential impacts.

  • Subsea infrastructure – production well loss incidents are rare and range from minor breaches from pinhole leaks, through to a well blowout.
  • Product storage and offloading – Prelude’s product streams may have an impact on the environment if there is an accidental release during storage or offloading.
  • Fuel oil – There is a chance of loss of fuel oil if there is a collision with a tanker. However, given the impact energy required to result in a tank breach the risk is considered very remote.
  • Diesel – there is a risk of loss of diesel during operations. The only scenario that might result in this kind of loss is a collision with a vessel.
  • Other hazardous liquids – there is a risk of materials other than hydrocarbons, being released accidentally during operations.

For more information on the management of waste or liquid discharges click below.

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Clean-up activities

Some clean-up activities have their own associated environmental impacts. New or unique impacts associated with the implementation of spill response strategies are considered acceptable where they present a net environmental benefit compared to the “do nothing” approach.

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