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Shell Mexkote is a scientifically formulated blend of bitumen, fluxing medium and a unique "anti-stripping" agent that has been designed to optimise adhesion between aggregate and binder.

Performance Features

Precoating of aggregate with Mexkote promotes good adhesion between the aggregate and binder at the time of road construction because of the following:

  • It counters the effects of hydrophilic (water loving) properties of aggregates and permits satisfactory adhesion of the binder, even when moisture has been deposited on the aggregate after it has been precoated.
  • It counters the effect of dust by readily coating the individual dust particles and facilitates better adhesion of the binder.

Benefits of Mexkote

Advantages of using Mexkote:

  • Construction costs can be less because of lower rates of binder application are able to be achieved.
  • Damp conditions will have substantially less effect on adhesion performance and cause fewer delays in road laying.
  • Maintenance costs will be less as long term aggregate loss is reduced.
  • Mexkote colour allows easier identification of treated stockpiles.
  • Mexkote compares favourably in terms of cost and performance compared to diesel and other precoating materials.
  • Mexkote has a good storage life (6 months).


Mexkote may be applied to either dry damp or dusty. Once precoated, aggregate may be used immediately with both emulsion and conventional hot binder seals. Mexkote precoated aggregates may be stockpiled, however, it is recommended that the storage period be kept to less than two weeks to avoid dust contamination.

Typical application rate is between 6 and 9 litres per metre cubed and depends mainly on:

  • Aggregate size
  • Dampness of aggregate
  • Dust on aggregate
  • Method of application