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Things run pretty smoothly with a Shell Card. Our online tool offers smart and effective account management as well as card security features for fraud control. In fact, it’s such a complete service, you’ll probably have time to knock off early.

Enjoy the ease and efficiency of Shell Card Online which includes the following:

  • Order, cancel or modify your Shell Card/s
  • Access your past invoices (up to 12 months)
  • Generate detailed transaction reports between billing periods, and drill down to specific dates, cost centres or cards
  • Streamline GST and fuel tax claims by using information in your monthly transaction report
  • Access to a suite of other Management Information Reports
  • Set Smart Alert emails to notify you of card activity outside of your set parameters

Fee Free Smart Alerts

Shell Card Online offers Smart Alerts which trigger an email as soon as any activity outside of your set parameters is detected. Smart Alerts can provide you with even greater control and visibility over your card activity and therefore can help increase security.

Read more about Smart Alerts or for further information on setting Smart Alerts, please email SAL-cust-care-au@vivaenergy.com.au to request a copy of the user manual.

Security and fraud prevention

With the range of smart email alerts on Shell Card online, you will be notified via email as soon as any activity outside of your set parameters are detected. You can set up alerts that trigger when purchase limits are exceeded or when incorrect/missing odometers are recorded.

Cost control and detailed reporting

Help manage your costs by applying purchase controls to restrict the fuel type, products or services your card holders can access. Have the ability to track your vehicles' expenses with free access to Shell Card Online and receive a transaction report with every billing cycle, detailing all purchases made on each card by vehicle registration or driver name. Shell Card Online also provides you with access to a suite of other management information reports.

Single Shell Card tax invoice

Cut more time-wasting expense claim procedures such as reconciling months of credit card statements and receipts by receiving a single Shell Card tax invoice and Shell Card statements for all cards detailing every transaction and itemising GST payable. You can also choose how you want to receive invoices via email or mail*.

*Additional surcharge applies for paper invoicing

Complete Card Management

Enjoy ease and efficiency of card administration online being able to quickly and easily order, cancel or modify cards. Shell Card Online provides the ability to access your past invoices (for the previous 12 months), generate detailed transaction reports between billing periods and access to a suite of other management information reports.

Register for Shell Card Online today

If you are already a Shell Card customer, you can register for Shell Card Online today. Please download our registration form below and fax it back to Shell Card Customer Services Online on 13 16 18.

Shell Card from Viva Energy

Viva Energy Australia is the exclusive licensee of the Shell brand in Australia and proudly supplies and manages Shell Card in Australia. 

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