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AdBlue - now available at the pump
Shell Diesel Extra
Shell V-Power
Shell Premium 98
Future Fuels - What you need to know

We've spent years of research and development to formulate the high-quality fuels that help keep you on the road. In fact, we invest over $1 billion globally each year.

Our Quality Fuels

We design our fuels with performance and economy in mind, so we can help pass on the savings direct to your fleet.

Shell Diesel Fuel and AdBlue® Information

Read our Technical Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for our products.

Lubricants solutions for your business

Shell is recognised as a world leader in branded lubricants. As a leader in lubricant research and development, our experience extends over 75 years.

Divestment of Shell's downstream business in Australia

Shell’s Downstream business in Australia (excluding Aviation), was divested in mid-2014 to Vitol.