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When you fill up with Shell, you can relax in the knowledge that Shell fuels are backed by unique technological expertise and decades of research and development by some of the best scientists from around the world.

In This Section

Shell V-Power is 98 octane premium fuel which is designed to improve performance and act instantly in your engine. Discover more about our premium fuel.

Shell Quality Fuels

Shell Premium 98 has been specially developed to meet the increasing demand for high octane, premium fuels and contains Shell’s unique Fuel Economy Formula.

Shell Unleaded 95

Shell Unleaded 95 is ideal for many modern and European cars designed to run exclusively on premium fuels with a minimum octane rating of 95.

Shell has been developing fuels for over 100 years, Shell Unleaded 91 is designed to help keep your engine clean and help protect against corrosion.

Shell is at the forefront of some of the solutions to the world's future energy challenges.

Shell Unleaded low aromatic is a specially designed standard unleaded petrol, an octane rating of 91, complying with Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act.

Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help you get more kilometres per tank by helping to keep your vehicle engine in peak condition.

Shell Diesel 10 is a premium grade automotive diesel suitable for use in high speed diesel engines in both automotive and industrial applications.


AdBlue®, which is required for Trucks that use Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology (SCR) is now available at the pump at select Coles Express sites.

Shell AutoGas is committed to finding ways for drivers to enjoy cost effective ways of motoring whilst reducing the impact to the environment.

If you believe there is a quality issue with fuel purchased at Shell branded service stations and the quality caused damage to your vehicle, claim process.

Shell Service station

Shell Australia is not a retailer of fuel at service stations in Australia. We are a fuel wholesaler to Coles Express, dealers and other customers.

Shell is at the forefront of fuels innovation in Australia and is committed to providing you with the best fuel for your vehicle.

The health and safety standards of Shell-branded stations are high. Despite this, there are potential risks you should be aware of.

Shell is a world leader in developing high-quality engine oils and lubricants for all vehicles.