How is Shell V-Power designed to defend against gunk and corrosion?

Shell V-Power is formulated with powerful cleaning agents designed to protect key fuel system components from gunk and to help remove some existing gunk as you drive.

Shell V-Power is designed to defend against corrosion. Shell V-Power is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces of key components; this decreases corrosion rate and helps protect precision fuel system components.

Shell V-Power contains a powerful cleaning technology, developed to help enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness.

Its unique double action formulation is designed to actively clean your engine and protect vital engine parts to help deliver more powerful performance.

Shell V-Power is formulated to prevent the build-up of power-robbing inlet valve deposits and help remove any that have been left behind by other fuels. So the engine can breathe easily and burn fuel more completely.

Shell V-Power contains Friction Modification Technology (FMT) which is designed to reduce friction in critical engine areas, allowing the engine to turn more freely and helping to unlock valuable energy and deliver more power to the wheels.

Shell V-Power helps your car deliver its performance potential, whatever unleaded petrol car you drive.*



Shell V-Power (left) versus a Lower Quality Premium Fuel (right)
Shell V-Power (left) versus a Lower Quality Premium Fuel (right)

“Gunk” is the carbon deposit build-up on intake valves and fuel injectors. Engines that have carbon deposit build-up, or gunk, on fuel intake systems, may work less efficiently.


Shell V-Power (left) versus a Leading Competitor (right)
Shell V-Power (left) versus a Leading Competitor (right)

Corrosion is caused by moisture and other contaminants that can make their way into a vehicle’s fuel tank.

It can impact the fuel pump, fuel lines, and fuel injectors. Furthermore, formation of particles from corrosive processes such as rusting of steel surfaces can contribute to the blocking of fuel filters, impacting overall vehicle operation.

The advanced formulation in Shell V-Power is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces to defend against corrosion.

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