We’re giving you and a friend the chance to win the Premium Bathurst Experience with a trip for two to the Bathurst 1000, from 5-8 October 2017.

Plus, daily chances to win a Shell V-Power Racing Team Jacket.

Major prize Winner:

First Name Last Name State
Joshua Ward WA 

Daily Winners:

Date First Name Last Name State 
01/08/2017 Gary Murfitt VIC 
02/08/2017 Kathleen Howarth NSW 
03/08/2017 Paul Garven NSW 
04/08/2017 Alisha Van Der Munnik VIC 
05/08/2017 Michael Prokos VIC 
06/08/2017 Carolann Barnwell QLD 
07/08/2017 Graham Everest NSW 
08/08/2017 Stephen Widdison WA 
09/08/2017 Jacqueline Dansey VIC 
10/08/2017 Steven Middlehurst QLD 
11/08/2017 Katherine Dennis NSW
12/08/2017 Russ Gallagher VIC 
13/08/2017 John Lowry NSW
14/08/2017 Ken Porter VIC
15/08/2017 Hirenbhai Patel NSW
16/08/2017 Kim Clunne NSW
17/08/2017 Brad Clements SA 
18/08/2017 Colin Stokes NSW 
19/08/2017 Peter Tolhurst NSW 
20/08/2017 Alison Gee NSW 
21/08/2017 Warren Rogers NSW 
22/08/2017 Leesa Mcfarlane QLD 
23/08/2017 Ray Sheridan NSW 
24/08/2017 Christine Parkes NSW 
25/08/2017 Philip Nicholson VIC 
26/08/2017 Miles King VIC
27/08/2017 Mark Perry QLD 
28/08/2017 Craig Green QLD 
29/08/2017 Kim Clunne NSW
30/08/2017 Josie Mann SA 
31/08/2017 Manoj Kaliyadan Antony VIC 

Stay Ahead Of Gunk & Corrosion

A creature made of gunk is attacking engines. Take the necessary precautions and protect your engine. Use only Shell V-Power premium 98 octane fuel.

Stay Ahead Of Gunk & Corrosion

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