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It is Shell’s major fuel distribution point in Queensland and houses Shell’s Queensland state office, a bitumen and speciality products facility, fuel storage including LPG, a lubricants and grease manufacturing facility and several warehouses.

Approximately 250 people are employed at the terminal and the State Business Centre at Pinkenba.  The terminal is operational 24 hours a day/7day a week. The Pinkenba State Business Centre is open 7.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Pinkenba terminal distributes in excess of 2.1 billion litres of bulk fuel, chemicals, lubricants, detergents, bituminous products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per year. There are 40 storage tanks on site with a storage capacity of 100 million litres of refined product and 1,000 tonnes of LPG.

Pinkenba terminal receives most of its bulk fuel via pipelines from BP and Caltex’s oil refineries in Brisbane. Shell ocean tankers also deliver some refined diesel, petrol, bitumen feedstock, LPG and base oil to the terminal approximately 46 times a year. Brisbane Airport receives approximately 75 percent of its jet fuel by pipeline from the Pinkenba terminal. Shell also pumps fuel to the airport on behalf of Mobil and Caltex.

Each year, 85 million litres of lubricants are blended at the terminal’s lubricating oil plant from base oils, which are shipped from Shell’s refinery in Singapore. There is also a specialty products plant where detergents and flammable oils are blended and packaged.  Flammable fuels, such as aviation fuel, are drummed off. Other specialised products, such as transformer oil, are manufactured in small plants on-site.

Shell also operates a bitumen plant on its Pinkenba site, which manufactures 66,000 tonnes of bitumen per year for customers within Queensland and New South Wales.

Shell uses its own fleet and hired carriers to distribute bulk and packed products. A $3.6 million lubricants warehouse and distribution centre stores 6.5 million litres of product. The terminal distributes product locally and exports throughout New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Shell has a comprehensive plan in place to prevent, and respond, to any emergency or product spill. Permanent booms are located at the Pinkenba wharf to restrain spillage and there is also a pollution clean-up vehicle located permanently at the terminal.

The terminal takes an active part in the community providing support to local activities and organisations such as The Gateway Industry & Community Mutual Aid Group and the Pinkenba Primary School.

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Post:            Shell Pinkenba Terminal
                    385 Eagle Farm Road
                    Pinkenba Qld 4008

Telephone:  (07) 3364 5100
                    1800 651 818 - Shell Emergency Hotline and complaints