Prelude FLNG will be based in the Browse Basin, Australia, some 475 kilometres (around 300 miles) north-east of Broome, Western Australia at water depths of ~250 metres.

Prelude construction is nearing completion in Geoje, where the focus remains on building a facility that is safe, profitable and reliable. Throughout 2016, the project transitioned from construction to commissioning with the team successfully commissioning key pieces of equipment such as air compressors, water cooling pumps and steam boilers.

The Australian team is supporting the commissioning of the facility, but also preparing the systems and processes for the operations and maintenance phase. There are 150 Australian production technicians working in the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard and these are the people who will man the facility once it is operating.

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Practice makes perfect


At HR Wallingford in Fremantle, a state of the art simulation centre has brought together the team responsible for towing the Prelude FLNG facility from Geoje in south Korea and positioning it at the remote Prelude gas field in the East Browse Basin, 200 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.

An Australian in Geoje

Meet Michelle Taye, an Australian Process Engineer working in Geoje. We asked Michelle a few questions about her role and life in Geoje.

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